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Side Table - Rounding the Legs

The legs on the side table project require a gentle curve to match the radius of the table top and apron. In this video a table saw, bench plane, and card scraper are used to create that curve. A few basic steps that make this a simple procedure.

For more information about the build, or to download the Google Sketchup model, please see the Sliding Dovetails article


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Side Table - Hand Cut Notches

After the dovetailing work was complete the next step in the process was to cut notches in the stretchers to allow them to intersect each other. Although this joint could easily be done using a dado stack in a table saw, for this project using hand tools felt more appropriate. I knew the next step would be shaping the legs using planes and a scarper, so using hand saw and chisel for the notches would be great for getting me in the mood!

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Adirondack Chair - Part 1 - The Wood Whisperer Guild Build

I know it's already September, but I've finally got started on the summer Wood Whisperer Guild build - a Greene & Green style Adirondack chair. And by 'got started' I mean I've watched the videos, purchased the wood, and ran it through the thickness planer on one side just enough to see the grain of the wood.

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Sandpaper 101

How Sandpaper is Made

At its most basic, sandpaper consists of a backing material coated with an abrasive. The backing (paper, cloth, or film) is coated with adhesive to bond the grit material to its surface. The initial glue coating is often called the Maker Coat and is generally a synthetic resin that ensures the abrasive material is securely fastened and resists heat. The abrasive is then applied to backing material by gravity or electrocoating. The process of using gravity to apply is abrasive material is seldom used and only affective on very coarse grit applications.

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Side Table - Sliding Dovetails

A few months ago a friend asked me if I would make her a side table that was the same as one she already had. I agreed, but I couldn't just make a copy of the existing one. I saw this as an opportunity to take inspiration from the existing piece while adding my own design and style.

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Router Mortising Jig

Inspired by The Wood Whisperer Episode #63 (Gadget Station pt 6) where Marc uses a one time use jig for installing a SOSS Invisible Hinge (something I've done before, only I did it the hard way!), this jig has stops for positioning it on the work pieces and stops to control the router travel for the mortis length. It only takes an hour or two to build.


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