Naniwa Super Stone - 400 grit

Naniwa Super Stone - 400 grit
Naniwa Super Stone - 400 grit - Package
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High quality water stones are a balance between being too hard and too soft. They need to be hard enough to stay flat while at the same time being soft enough to expose new abrasive for fast cutting. The Super Stone series by Naniwa are designed to sharpen quickly with minimal stone maintenance. No stone is maintenance free, but these stones are hard enough to stay flat for a reasonable time but can be flattened by using truing stones, sandpaper, or diamond stones. The stone is made with a resin bond that allows for a high level of abrasive and does not require soaking. Just pour water on the surface or use a spray bottle during use.

A 400 grit stone is a great choice when restoring a damaged edge on a tool or to change the bevel on a blade.

Please note: These stone should not be stored in water. Dry stone slowly and naturally (do not use heat to dry the stone). The packaging states that the stone includes a stand, however they are specifically ordered without a stand allowing both sides of the stone to be used.

210mm x 70mm x 20mm (8.25" x 2.75" x .75")

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