Split Top Roubu - Part 6 - Distraction

I was making such great progress with the Split Top Roubo bench build and then life hit. It started with preparing for the Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking show in March and since then it's just been a series of little distractions... oh... and a complete kitchen replacement at my in-law's cottage!

However, before I got distracted there was some progress that is worth noting. Mainly a big dovetail, a functioning vise, and top that is cut to length. The end cap is attached to the to benchtop using bolts and a dovetail, the latter of which seems like a difficult task. However, the process is very simple. I cut the tails on the face board first so that they can be used as a pattern to cut the pins in the end cap. Once the outline of pins are marked a router is employed to remove most of the material around the pins. But the trick is only routing about 1/4" of depth. Chisels are used to fine tune the shape until the tails are a perfect fit, but the cavity is not yet deep enough for the thickness of the tail. Since we have a perfectly formed pin 1/4" deep, it can be used as a template for a pattern bit to reproduce the shape to the final depth.

The glue up of the face board of the bench top and the end cap is straightforward. Installing the vise required some removal of material on the underside of the top to make clearance for the mechanism, but the requirements are outlined well in the plans.

Once the vise was working the top was measured and cut for final length. A process that was just a repeat of the initial end cuts.

And that's where it sits today... and will sit for a while longer until I can find the time and motivation to get back to the wood shop.

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