Solid Square

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The solid square, often referred to as an engineers square, is a high precision square that is typically used for machine setup and layout work. The 2" square is ideal for dovetail layout work, while the 6" is better suited for machine setup. Each square is accurate to 0.0006" for squareness (distance from true square measured at the tip of the blade) and the beam and blade are parallel to within 0.0005"


  • Made from High Quality Tool Steel
  • Have True Right Angles Inside and Outside
  • Beams and Blades are Precision Ground
  • Blade is Hardened
  • Length of Blade is Measured from Inner Edge of Beam to End of Blade

Made in the USA by PEC Tools.

PEC Part #s

2" - 7000-002

4" - 7000-004

6" - 7000-006