The Rosewood Studio - Day 4

Wood was the topic of the morning and the lesson included type of boards, kiln drying, wood movement, and appropriate applications. Real world examples and applications were sprinkled throughout the lesson to add context. Although the lesson was long, a great level of detail was provided and was appreciated. The morning ended with our six squared board being cut in two pieces so we could prepare the edged for gluing it back together. It's yet another reminder that this whole exercise isn't to create something, but to apply and practice the skills we are learning. 

We don't actually glue the boards back together, instead one half is resawed to create stock for the final lesson of the day. And the final lesson is a good one since it's the start of the hand cut dovetails agenda. I've never cut dovetails by hand, but it's certainly on the bucket list. Like always the lesson walks through the steps to complete the task as well as the reasoning and logic behind the steps. Although time was running short, I still managed to layout the board and get some practice cuts in before heading back to the hotel. One of the great things about the school is the ability to use a variety of different tools. I was able to practice using four different dovetail saws before deciding on the one I felt most comfortable making my final cuts with. An experience that will be beneficial in a future buying experience. 

Just one more day to go!