The Rosewood Studio - Day 3

Having sharp hand tools is extremely important for achieving successful results, so day 3 of the "Excellence with Hand Tools" workshop started with sharpening a low angle block plane in preparation for squaring the last two sides of our six squared board. Squaring the end grain is the most difficult step since end grain is so challenging to cut, but as always a few lessons proceed the task which made process simple. There is something very satisfying about about making long wood shaving from end grain, and this morning was a very satisfying morning.

Late morning we switch gears to chisels. Starting with an overview of the various types of chisels, differences in design and construction, and their uses. After lunch the lesson turned to... you guessed it... sharpening! Specifically putting a hollow grind on a chisel and freehand honing. Both of these tasks were foreign to me and I was excited to learn them. There is something scary about taking a chisel to a grinder, but again, it's just series of steps that are well presented before any student puts metal to spinning stone. The day ended for me with three chisels hollow ground to a new angle and honed sharp.... and a head full of new knowledge!