The Rosewood Studio - Day 2

Day 2 of the "Excellence with Hand Tools" course started the way day 1 ended - sharpening. Once the plane blade was sharp, it was time to make some shavings. The end objective is making a 6 squared board (a board that is finished, straight, and square on all six sides) using only hand tools. The process is flattening one face, then making a parallel opposing face, squaring up one side, paralleling the opposite side, and lastly squaring the ends. Woodworking is a series of steps and each step in this process is proceeded by a lesson full of techniques, tips, and tricks. Even an experienced woodworker would learn something new. 

The purpose of the exercise is to practice your planing skills with a specific end goal. At the end of the day the only tangible results are a 4 squared board (still two sides to go!), sore shoulders, and a blister. However, it's the intangible knowledge and personal growth that results from the lessons and practice that are most important. I know that I corrected some bad habits and solved some technique problems today.