The Rosewood Studio - Day 1

Today was the first day of a 5 day workshop I'm attending entitled "Excellence with Hand Tools" at the Rosewood Studio in Perth Ontario. The course is instructed by Rosewood Studio owner Ron Barter and from my initial contact with the school the experience has been positive.

After brief introductions around the room, day 1 started off with a tour of the school, which is well equipment for a class size of eight people. Housed in an old car dealership, the school is well situation in the quaint town of Perth. The rest of the morning focused on bench plane orientation, showing examples of different type and sizes of bench planes and their various construction methods. Even basic plane restoration was covered just before lunch.

The afternoon switch gears into arguably the most important feature on any plane - a sharp blade! Most of the time was allocated to theory, ensuring students undersand what sharp is and the basic methods of achieving sharp. I'm confident that by mid afternoon everyone around the room was jonsing for a tool fix. Everywhere you look around the school there are tools... that we hadn't touched yet. Of course we wouldn't good home disappointed as it was time to put blade to stone for that sharp edge in preparation for day 2, where we'll make shavings.