Rocking Horse - Part 3 - The Wood Whisperer Charity Build

Woodworkers Fighting CancerAfter all the parts and pieces of the rocking horse were sanded to 180 grit, it was time for a dry assembly. Everything went as expected with no real surprises. A couple of fit issues turned up around the saddle area between the horse sides and the seat. These were easily taken care of with a sharp chisel. From there it was a quick disassembly followed by finishing.

Time to stain the mane! I had a roll 12" transfer mask (think 12" wide masking tape) which I figured would be the perfect solutions. I placed the mask over the side of the head and traced the mane outline with a utility knife to cut the mask and score the wood. Using a antique cherry dye stain left over from a previous cherry wood project, I sparingly stained the area. The results were successful with only a few spots where the stain bled under the mask. A card scraper cleaned up these spots with relative easy.

Durability of the finish wasn't a concern for me, as I figured no matter what I use, it will get beat up. The finishing criteria was then reduced to 'quick and easy'. Looking in the finishing cupboard I found a can of Tung N' Teak oil and I proceeded to apply it to all the parts of the horse. Final assembly was a breeze and it was time to glue on the saddle sides and saddle seat.

It was later at night and I wanted to surprise my son with the rocking horse first thing the next morning, so I was looking for solutions to expedite the gluing process. I ultimately used a trick that involved using CA glue (for its instant bond) and wood glue (for its strength). I applied three spots of CA glue and an appropriate amount of Titebond Polyurethane glue to the saddle sides while spraying the CA glue accelerator on the horse. Once the sides were lined up I only had to hold them in place for 15 seconds before the CA held them firmly in place. Same trick on the seat and I was ready to set the finished piece outside my son's bedroom door.

In summary this was a fun project do to for a great cause!

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