Rocking Horse - Part 1 - The Wood Whisperer Charity Build

Woodworkers Fighting CancerSo I just got started on building an Adirondack chair and I’m already distracted with another project, but I’m ok with my switch of focus. I’m building a rocking horse as part of The Wood Whisperers charity build. For every rocking horse that is made, Marc and his sponsors will each give a dollar to Team Livestrong. Plus my son will get a rocking horse! Get all the information and plans for the build at


The plan calls for a single laminated pine board, available at most lumber stores, to supply all the required material. I wanted to upscale to project slightly and I’ve chosen cherry and walnut for my build. Of course this meant that I had to glue up main side pieces since I’m running low on 20” wide cherry! Using the template, which I plotted full scale, I glued boards up in the general shape of the side, which reduced the amount of material required. The smaller pieces, like the ears and tail, found their way from scrap wood found in my shop. Duplicate parts were cut and sanded in pairs by using double sided tape to fasten both blanks together, ensuring exact matches.


The next step is to cut out both side pieces and predrill all the fastener locations. Then it's on to final assembly and finish. What a great weekend project!