E-Z Bond - Thick - 8oz

E-Z Bond - Thick - 8oz
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Once you start using CA glue around your workshop you'll wonder how you lived without it. When used in conjunction with an accelerator, the glue cures in seconds which is a desirable trait when making jigs and fixtures. It can also be used as a wood filler and a finish, both with near instant cure times. Works on wood, plastic, metals, and other porous and non-porous materials.

Although the E-Z Bond CA glue will cure on it' sown, it is best when used with the accelerator (sold separately)

Grade: Thick
Viscosity: 700cps
Curing Speed: 45 seconds
Type: Ethyl Cayanoacrylate
Excellent big gap filling capabilities. Fill gap up to .007" work well on most materials.

Manufactureres # S-380

SKU: 1739