DMT 10"x4" Duo-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone

DMT DuoSharp W250
Price: $127.00
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This DuoSharp® features two sides of interrupted diamond surface sharpening and is the ideal benchstone for the shop or kitchen, especially when paired with the optional DuoBase™. While providing a generous sharpening surface, it is engineered to be rugged, lightweight and compact - great on the jobsite! The 10 inch DuoSharp® is the ultimate diamond benchstone. All of the advantages of the 8" model, but with 87% more of DMT®’s trademark interrupted polka-dot diamond sharpening surface. Each of these double-sided benchstones offers over 4 carats of micronized, monocrystalline diamond. Perfect for the longest knives or widest woodworking tools!

Size: 10" x 4"x 0.375" (250mm x 100mm x 10mm)



W250CXNB - Coarse / Extra Coarse

W250FCNB - Fine / Coarse

W250EFNB - Extra Fine / Fine

W250ECNB - Extra Fine / Coarse