Naniwa Chosera - 10,000 grit

Naniwa Chosera - 10000 grit
Naniwa Chosera - 10000 grit - PackageNaniwa Chosera - 10000 grit - Package Open
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High quality water stones are a balance between being too hard and too soft. They need to be hard enough to stay flat while at the same time being soft enough to expose new abrasive for fast cutting. Regarded by many as the finest artificial stones available, the Naniwa Chosera line of sharpening stones features a high level of abrasive material with a magnesium bond. The composition allows for a stone that abrades material faster than the Super Stones while staying flat for an extended period of time. Each Naniwa Chosera stone comes with a Nagura flattening stone that can be used to flatten a dished stone or create the slurry required for fast sharpening. The stone does not require soaking. Just pour water on the surface or use a spray bottle during use.

The Chosera 10,000 grit stone is one of the finest stones available and few stones can match its ability to create a high polished razor sharp edge. To remind you of how special these stones are they come wrapped in a presentation box.

Please note: Do not store these stone in water! Dry stone slowly and naturally (do not use heat to dry the stone). The packaging states that the stone includes a stand, however they are specifically ordered without a stand allowing both sides of the stone to be used. The 10,000 grit stone is 5mm thicker than the other Chosera stones.

210mm x 70mm x 30mm (8.25" x 2.75" x 1.25")

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