Boeshield T-9 - 340g (12 oz) Aerosol Can

Boeshield T-9
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Boeshield T-9® prevents corrosion on all metals for months, stops existing corrosion, and lubricates

Boeshield T-9® Features and Benefits

Boeshield T-9® protectant and lubricant can be used on all metal surfaces where corrosion protection and/or sliding lubrication are needed. It penetrates, displaces moisture, lubricates, is waterproof, stops existing rust, exhibits excellent corrosion resisting results in salt spray exposure, and lasts for many months.

When sprayed on, Boeshield T-9® sets to a soft, translucent, colourless, and waxy film which is not sticky, tends to shed dirt, and can be buffed to a shine. Set time varies from minutes to days depending on temperature, humidity, and thickness of coating. Boeshield T-9® is a solvent and paraffin wax based formula with over a dozen components including corrosion inhibitors.

Boeshield T-9® contains no harsh solvents and is safe to use around most paints, plastics, vinyls, wiring, and many glues. Because of its high dialectric it can be applied to electrical circuits, controls, and wiring. No mixing is required, it is not damaged by freezing, and shelf life is indefinite. Boeshield T 9®‘s corrosion inhibiting properties are effective from -40°F to +250° F (-40°C to +120°C).

There are many uses for Boeshield T-9® including protecting equipment in seasonal storage, loosening rusted parts, lubricating hinges, rollers, sliding mechanisms, and locks, preventing corrosion on battery terminals, hitch hardware, trailer cable connectors, turn buckles and linkages, and as a superior chain lube.

General Application of Boeshield T-9®

Apply Boeshield T-9® by drip, dip, brush, or spray. Boeshield T-9® can be easily sprayed or fogged with a variety of equipment. All that is necessary is enough pressure and nozzle size to form a mist. Depending on the application a good quality hand-pump garden sprayer may be used.

For long term corrosion protection simply wet the surface with Boeshield T-9® and allow to set without wiping. The desired coating will form after a few days set time. Excessive coating will only increase puddling and extend set time. When the correct quantity has been applied the surface of the Boeshield T-9® has an "orange peel" look for the first few miutes, and then it smoothes out.

For applications such as bicycle chains apply by drip or dipping, wipe off the excess, and allow to set at least 2 hours, preferably over night. Frequency of reapplication will depend on riding extent and conditions, as well as method of cleaning after use. Typically, road cyclists get over 300 miles (500Km) per application in good weather. In wet weather reduce that by half. For off road riding reduce distance by half again for reapplication.

For protecting tools such as saw blades, cutting bits, and table tops during storage, clean the tools well with Blade & Bit™ and Rust Free™ as necessary (see instructions on product label). Then apply Boeshield T-9® by spray or dip method and let set.

Note: you must strip off other protectants you may have applied to the tools before you apply Boeshield T-9®

On tools in regular use such as planer or saw tables use a thin film application. Apply Boeshield T-9® and wipe off excess while still wet, until it appears dry. This should only take a few minutes at most. Repeat weekly, or more frequently as necessary. Boeshield T-9® will not stain wood when cutting with treated tools nor affect finishing. Boeshield T-9® must be reapplied after use of tools to maintain corrosion inhibiting properties.

The aerosol form can be applied in temperatures ranging from +35°F to +100°F (+2°C to +38°C). The liquid form can be applied from 0°F to +100°F (-18°C to +38°C).

To remove coating reapply with a light spray of Boeshield T-9® to soften previous coating and wipe off while wet, or use a degreasing cleaner.

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