Adirondack Chair - Part 4 - The Wood Whisperer Guild Build

Lots of progress has been made on the chair in the past week. All the remaining pieces were cut out to final size and shape. No real deviations from the Wood Whisperers instructions. Once all the parts were dry fit, it was time to make the holes for the ebony plugs. I did deviate from the Wood Whisperer here. Marc suggested predrilling with a 3/8” countersink bit, then inserting a 21/64" drill bit to line up the square punch. This technique is problematic since the square plug is exactly the same size as the countersink holes.

I developed a three step process that yielded better results. I drilled a 21/64" holes with a brad point bit and a stop collar to ensure consistent depth. I then inserted a separate 21/64" drill bit, shank end first, into the hole and slide the square punch over the bit. Once the punch was properly lined up, I removed the bit and hammered the punch to a set depth. After cleaning out the hole with a small chisel, I used a smaller brad point bit, complete with a stop collar, to drill a countersink for the screw head. The final step was to pre drill for the screw.

Final sanding of all the parts came next, and each piece was sanded to 220 grit. Once sanding was completed, glue up began. This project is easily broken down into sub assemblies that can be glued together in stages. The front legs and the apron are one assembly, while the lower back brace and the side legs are another assembly. Titebond polyurethane glue was used since it has excellent weather resistance.

Many of the parts will be prefinished prior to final assembly. The chair should be complete in the next few days.

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