Adirondack Chair - Part 2 - The Wood Whisperer Guild Build

After choosing the appropriate section of the board to use for each chair piece, I roughly cut out each blank before machining them to the finished thickness. My impatience to start doing jointery meant that my attention switched to working on the leg details before I machined all four side of the other pieces. What can I say… I’m impatient!

For me the chair legs were a chance for me to finally use the router mortising jig I made several months ago. What a rewarding experience that was. The jig is very easy to set and made the entire process stress free. With the stops on the jig controlling the length of the mortise, my attention focused on controlling the router and not worrying about stopping before the line. The initial setup is simple, and lessoned learned mean I can use measurements and calculations for an even faster setup next time. The down side? In order to use the stop to position the jig on the work piece, you lose the option of what face you reference the router guide off. A potential problem when making mirrored pieces. However, the stop is an optional ‘nice to have’, so even with that potential downside, it is still faster and easier to use the jig than doing it by hand.

The next step is to add some details to the legs, and reluctantly get back the machining the rest of the pieces.