9" x 11" Sanding Sheet - siarexx - 50 pack

9" x 11" Sanding Sheet - siarexx
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The 9" x 11" sanding sheet is as staple in a woodworking shop. These siarexx sanding sheets from SIA abrasifs are great for sanding flat and contoured wood surfaces by either hand or by machine. The stearate coating on this premium paper prevents the abrasive from clogging while sanding finished or painted surfaces, greatly extending the life of the paper.The siarexx product line features:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Paper backing
    • c-wt P040 - P240
    • b-wt P280-P600
  • Electrostatic coating
    • open coat - P040 to P100
    • closed coat - P120-P600
  • Synthetic resin bonding
  • Stearate coating on P080 - P600
  • High removal rate with low clogging


  • Suitable for a wide range of application in manual or machine use
  • Fine sanding of solid wood, veneer, primer and filling
  • Intermediate sanding of varnish
  • Keying and sanding off varnish and paint

Made in SwitzerlandPackage of 50

SKU: SIA911-50
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