9" siawood Sanding Disc featuring TopTec - PSA - 5 pack

9" siawood Sanding Disc feature TopTec - PSA
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Typically used on stationary sanding machines, these discs feature pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for attaching and an aggressive aluminum oxide grit. To prevent clogging and extend the product life, the abrasive has antistatic properties and an open coating.The siawood product line features:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Cloth backing (y-wt and x-wt)
  • Mechanic and Electrostatic open coating
  • Synthetic resin bonding
  • Antistatic coating
  • High removal rate with low clogging


  • Sanding of solid wood and plywood
  • Sanding off old varnish and paint

Made in Switzerland

9" siawood Sanding Disc featuring TopTec - PSAPrice: $5.00