6" x 60" siawood Sanding Belt featuring TopTec

6" x 60" siawood Sanding Belt featuring TopTec
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Sanding belts build a static charge during operation that causes dust particles to stick to the abrasive. Belts from SIA that feature TopTec combine a controlled coating process with antistatic properties to reduce the build-up of dust particles. TopTec belts also feature joints that a specifically orientated for the application and maintain a continuous sanding surface. The aluminum oxide abrasive allow high removal rates on solid woods, plywoods, varnish, and paints.The siawood product line features:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Cloth backing (y-wt and x-wt)
  • Mechanic and Electrostatic open coating
  • Synthetic resin bonding
  • Antistatic coating
  • High removal rate with low clogging


  • Sanding of solid wood and plywood
  • Sanding off old varnish and paint

Made in Switzerland.